Tuesday Tips - Keep 'em Coming

After a brief break, we are pleased to bring you a second set of our “Tuesday Tips for Teachers”!

For the next three months, we will now be bringing you a new set of tips that focus specifically on the ten protective factors that you as teachers can build up in your students to activate the process of resilience.

As a quick review, resilience is a process of coping and adaptation that can help us overcome the challenges we face. This is true for the students you teach who have experienced trauma or loss. This is also true for you as teachers. Think for a moment about people you know who have experienced an unfair dose of hardship. Yet, they have grown into strong, compassionate people. When people overcome the negative consequences associated with life challenges and grow stronger because of what they faced, they are depicting this concept of “resilience.” The ability to adapt is possible for your students, and it is possible for you as well.

Ten Strengths that Prompt the Process of Resilience

Social Support The practical and emotional support we give and receive during challenging times.
Communication Expressing thoughts and feelings about the difficulty through verbal and non-verbal forms of communication.
Insight/Empathy The ability to gain understanding into the difficulties faced by a person, family, community, or organization
Boundary Setting The ability and willingness to separate from influences that are unhealthy.
Taking Charge The ability to take action to meet needs.
Creativity/Flexibility Finding multiple solutions to a problem and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances
Humor The ability to be light-hearted and laugh even in the face of difficulty.
Commitment Setting a goal and sticking with it.
Morality/Spirituality Having a belief system that provides direction and strength as we face difficulties.
Appraisal Finding meaning in the struggles we face.

Take Action

Thank you for all you do to support the children and youth of Arizona!