Behavioral Health Services

Valle Del Sol

If you, a student, or a family member are in need of additional support, please reach out to Valle del Sol to learn more about our support service opportunities.

With 8 locations across the Valley and partnerships in 50+ schools and housing communities, we are here to help! Valle del Sol provides primary care, psychiatric care, behavioral health, and community resource support to clients of all ages - children through adult.

We accept most insurances, Medicaid plans, and can serve the uninsured or under-insured through our primary care clinic and our behavioral health departments.

If you are interested in learning more about our school based services please email Caitlin Gizler, at

Mindfulness Resources

How to implement breathing exercises with students of all ages

Nonjudgmental Awareness Practice

The Child Mind Institute

Free workshops from Dr. Daniel Siegel about working with children with a trauma history

Short video trainings from Tina Bryson about how best to develop health relationships with children

Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences

In depth information on Adverse Childhood Experiences including research, terms, infographics, presentation information and resources. Several options for bilingual printed resources as well

Great infographics and PDF printables on understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences in Arizona

America’s Health Ranking: Health of Women and Children Report 2018 gives a clear and thorough picture of how each state is taking care of women and children